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Many couples have been together a long time by the time university comes around and have to make the hard decision of how they are going to make it work once they move to different parts of the country. A lot of people meet their significant others during Sixth Form; a place where you get to see each other day and usually live within close proximity so your seeing each other most weekends as well. Then suddenly your seeing each every two weeks at best and most couples less than that. So is it worth sticking around when so many couples break down?

It honestly depends on the couple. There is no wrong or right answer if you should stay with your partner when the time comes. I know many couples who made it work and managed to get a system so that its almost the way it used to be. The first couple of week are always going to be the hardest. For most people this is the going to be the first time you are living without your parents, and also your about to experience the most freedom you have ever had and it can  really go to your head.

Freshers is basically a bunch of young adolescents drinking as much as they possible can as fast as they can because nobody wants to look like they cannot keep up. A lot of things can happen in Freshers and you meet a wide range of people that you wouldn’t meet in any other circumstances and it can be over whelming when you have probably hung out with the same 10 people for the last 7 years. Suddenly everybody is a lot more interesting than the people back home just because they aren’t familiar faces.

I know many couples who chose to stay with their partners and it completely works out. I think if you can make it through the first time, then you will be able to make it through the whole of university and honestly a lot of couples become stronger because of it. It shows that is truly something to stick with if you still care about each other as much as you did when you live 2 miles away at 200 miles away. So if you are worried because other couples don’t make it; each couple is completely different in the way they handle things and it always works out for the best whatever ends up happening.

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