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Spotlight on Sport: Swim and Triathlon

DMU Swim and Triathlon were established back in 2002 and has since been one of the closest sports families. We have competitions throughout the year with BUCS Short course is our first league competition alongside Longcourse, BUCS Triathlon, Desford and Duston Triathlon and, of course, Varsity. We have weekly socials that are run by the two social secretaries Kat and Cat that take place every Wednesday at Bowstrings and are looking forward to another weeklong tour that is due to take place during the Easter holidays and with the location to be revealed in the first term.

What were the club’s accomplishments last season?

Alongside a host of personal bests at BUCS Short and Long course last year, we also won girl’s A team in the swimming varsity. Individual awards were given out at the end of the year to those who we thought deserved the awards,  which include – most improved swimmer and triathlete, most dedicated members, funniest person etc.

What is your most memorable moment from last season?

Varsity has to be one of the most memorable moments of last year. From the nerve racking moment of the first race up until the final results were released and, although we lost, we still all pulled together as one big family and started throwing each other into the pool for a few pictures before the after party began. Varsity is always a special time because it brings the team together, win or lose, and you get a real sense of being part of a university family.

What are your aspirations for this season?

Obviously, for this year our aspirations are to move up in the BUCS leagues, and win our Varsity to show University of Leicester who we really are. However, we want people to enjoy their time in DMU Swim and Tri and hope to not only win competitions but also make good friends along the way.

How much does it cost to join your club?

To join the club it costs £80 for new members and £75 for returning (this includes £40 active card charged by the SU). This may sound like a lot but this gives members access to 5 training sessions a week with our coach, Craig Twigg, who personally coaches us for two of these sessions. We then have 2 planned running sessions, a circuit and a spinning session on a Wednesday afternoon alongside free entry into BUCS competitions. We also get other benefits such as cheap drinks at the bars we attend on a Wednesday night at social and 2-4-1 tickets into the SU on Sports and Societies nights out.

Why should students join your club?

Personally, as chair of the team, I joined DMU Swim and Tri on a whim as something to fill my spare time. Through the support of this club I have not only become a decent swimmer/triathlete, but also made some lifelong friends and some of my best memories of university experience are with this team. If you should do one thing at university it is to join a sports club or society, and at DMU Swim and Tri we are not only your team but your family.

To join DMU Swim and Tri, find them at the Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 1st October or get in touch via their links below:

EMAIL: danelakin@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: DMU Swim & Tri Club



DSU LINK: www.demontfortstudents.com/sport/6929/