Spotlight on Sport: Archery

We are the newest addition to the sports clubs at DMU, but that in no way means boring! This is our year of fleshing out our programme, developing what we want our sport to become for DMU.

Come September, we will be preparing to enter the BUTTS (Birmingham University Toxophily & Toucan Society) League alongside other universities, forming our own subdivision with 3 other fresh clubs, and we hope to also participate in BUCS. Though not yet an officially recognised part of Varsity, we have already held our own against Leicester Uni, and thrashed them by over double their points. If you want to join the hottest new winning team on campus, join archery! Preparing for these events will be a massive part of our club’s schedule, but with an armament of 3D zombies, bears, and other targets we can put on the odd fun shoot!

We have our socials every Wednesday at various pubs/bars, and curious students thinking about joining us are always welcome, the more the merrier! We shoot every Saturday with a local club in their grounds between Countesthorpe and South Wigston. Once you’ve completed your beginner’s course, you can also go down and shoot whenever you want (if you have your own bow) or arrange to borrow kit from us for the day.

What were the club’s accomplishments last season?

  • Partnering up with a local club for better facilities.
  • Engaging 30 students new to the sport on our first ever year of running.
  • Acquiring £2000 of grant money to develop the club, and a further £10,000 for our partner club.
  • Domination of our unofficial Varsity fixture – with a shiny trophy.
  • A couple of our fresh faces to the sport can hold their own against some of Loughborough’s legendary archers thanks to excellent coaching by our partner club.

What is your most memorable moment from last season?

Archery Trophies

Winning these beauties! (And believe it or not, having a great time with some cracking people from Leicester University!)

What are your aspirations for this season?

To do well in BUCS & to hopefully win our BUTTS league! In addition to this, this is our first year as an official DMU sports team, we are hoping to truly compete in the Varsity competition as well as hopefully win some awards at Colours. If we leave the sports ceremony with our hands full – and not just with bottles – then we’ll know we’ve achieved great things.

How much does it cost to join your club?

Those new to the sport are “beginners”. Those with prior club experience or who have already done a beginner’s course are “experienced” archers – you should provide evidence such as an ArcheryGB card (even if expired) or a certificate. This is for everybody’s safety.

Our membership fees are simple and as follows:
Active Card = £40 – This is for entering BUCS and use of DMU indoor facilities. All sports require this.
Our fee = £5
Our partner’s fee = £35
That’s all an experienced archer has to pay.

Beginner’s MUST also do a beginner’s course, run by our partner club LAOFAC.
Course = £35

Finally, when we travel to competitions we may ask competitors for help towards fuel costs if we have a minibus. Some shoots may require you to make your own way there, so you’ll need train money. Finally, getting to our field every week means £4.20 on the bus for a day saver ticket, which is why we’re so excited about our indoor venue coming up! We also have a team kit for you, which consists pretty much of a T-shirt…. so not very expensive.

Why should students join your club?

We’re a friendly bunch, from all kinds of courses, with all sorts of abilities. With us you’ll get hands on training with WEAPONS. I mean, what’s cooler than that?

Not only are we laid back, we’re also passionate about our sport. Archery is something you get hooked on, especially after you buy your first bow. In this year alone, some of our members have already bought 2 bows. If you allow it, archery can become a lifestyle, not just a hobby.

We’re a team all about precision and skill, not fitness, though that’s no excuse to miss out on push ups, to get those arms built up to pull back a compound bow!

To join DMU Archery , find them at the Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 1st October or get in touch via their links below: