De Montfort University’s Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Centre

For many students, finding a low budget leisure centre is a struggle. Trying to balance your food budget and drinking allowance often means you don’t have that extra £30 a month to pay for your gym membership, especially after Freshers’ week. Leicester has a variety of gyms to offer, all priced between the usual £30 – £60 a month…
I know, ouch! But what people don’t realise is that De Montfort has its very own hidden gem, and it’s less than a five minute walk from the campus.


The Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Centre is located on Duns Lane near the infamous Soar Point pub – perfect for a cool drink after your workout. The centre has a refurbished, modern design and offers fantastic facilities, including a fitness suite, 25 metre six lane swimming pool, poolside sauna, dance studio, eight court sports hall, free weights area, rock climbing wall, and more. And it’s at a friendly student price – members of De Montfort University recieve special discount on their membership, which means you’ll save that little bit extra every month!



The centre also offers a range of classes. With everything from aerobics to zumba on offer, there’s definitely a class out there for everyone. As classes are included within your membership, there’s no need to consider an overdraft just yet! All members (or even non-members if you’re just getting a feel for the class) are welcome, so whether you’re a beginner looking to ease into things or a fitness guru wanting to step up the pace, you’ll definitely feel right at home. Not sure which class is right for you? Why not pop along and arrange a taster session so you can find that perfect class? To see a full list of the classes on offer, visit the Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Centre’s site here.


Whether you prefer a morning workout or an afternoon exercise blast, there are packages available to suit your needs:


£90 for an annual membership.

For the keen swimmers, this package is all about the pool! Allowing you access to the swimming-pool, sauna and including all wet classes this package is perfect if you’re looking to keep active without hitting the gym.


£120 for an annual membership.

Off-peak access (7am-4pm) for the fitness suite, pool, sauna and sports hall. Perfect for you early risers. Also includes studio classes and wet classes. This is the most popular student choice.


£180 for an annual membership.

Any time access for the fitness suite, pool, sauna and sports hall. Perfect for students with difficult timetables. Also includes studio classes and wet classes.

The staff are more than happy to help, and are always on hand to assist you however they can. As a DMU student, I whole-heartedly recommend the leisure centre for all your fitness needs! Close, cheap and state-of-the-art; what more could you ask for? To find out more about the QE II Leisure centre, visit their website, or call 0116 250 6400 to speak to a member of staff.