Marking down the calendar as if it’s your birthday, waiting for student finance to drop, even counting down the hours. Whilst this takes an eternity, you draw up an endless list of what to buy as quickly as possible – much like a scene of out Brewster’s Millions, but resist the temptation as much as it hurts.

Here are some top tips to make your money go further at university:

  • Budget

With no parents around, it may seem like the ideal time to let loose once student finance drops into your bank account – trust me we have all thought about it and learnt some harsh lessons. So work out how much money you have each week until the next student finance and stick to it – even if it does mean you miss a night out in the town.


  • Get the right bank account

Do your research! There are many student accounts on offer, each with their own perks of signing up with them. Many banks will offer an interest free overdraft, with a very generous limit, so shop around. (Obviously you will budget so you’ll never have to use it but it beats nagging your rents for money)



  • Learn to cook!

The stereotypical student lifestyle of living off beers and Domino’s pizza won’t last long! (Even with vouchers being thrown down your throat at every possible moment) We all can’t replicate mums home cooking but give it go!


  •  Bargain hunt

Everyone loves a discount so shop around, whether that be in Highcross, the market or online. Remember to take your student card everywhere, you never know where you might get lucky. Download the UNiDAYS app for the latest student deals – side note the reduced section in Tesco will become your best friend come the end of the month.


  • Use the library

De Montfort University have invested heavily especially over the last 12 months to keep the facilities in tip top condition, as well as keeping up to date with the curriculum, to ensure some of your dreaded 500 page text books (that weigh half your bag down as you stumble to your 9am lecture) are available for free – so use them!










  • Pre drink!

Enough of the boring stuff – Although  nightlife in Leicester boasts a range of student nights and deals throughout the week – Drinks can become expensive, especially on weekends, so pop down your local supermarket or one-stop before hand to save your hard earned pounds. Remember to always drink responsibly!