Today on campus hundreds of DMU students along with many societies and volunteers have been helping DMU Square Mile welcome Rik Basra’s Pass It On Leicester campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of Anthony Nolan’s work and encourage people to sign up to the stem cell register to help save a life.

The month long campaign to raise awareness of blood cancer is now on its 30th leg here at DMU and has so far been a big success.

Rik Basra said: “It has gone amazingly well, we started off with a march to Regents College where we collected the flag, which was amazing. We had gospel singers with us and a procession of many sports teams and volunteers who collected the flag and brought it all the way back.  We’ve had a fantastic day here recruiting life savers, and we’ve done really well.

The overall campaign

“It’s really gone well, it’s been totally different each day we’ve had a different host and each of the hosts have brought their own individual style but what hasn’t changed is the commitment to the host actually making Leicester a lifesaving city.“

Although the amount of people who join the stem cell register is increasing, more people are still needed. In the UK alone someone is diagnosed with blood cancer every 20 minutes and a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant is their only hope.

David Hollis the Operations Manager of DMU Square Mile who has been heavily involved in the campaign said: “This has definitely been one of the largest we’ve done, the De Montfort students and staff have supported 20 other organisations with their events, so there is 30 organisations including us in total that are working through the Pass It On programme, to sign onto the stem cell register.”

The event is happening slightly earlier than it was last year but is has still gone well, David said: “It has been fantastic actually, we done it during freshers’ week this time, we usually do it the week after, but no the freshers’ have been fantastic, returning students have been great, everyone has really got behind it. We’ve had some fantastic volunteers today. So far we have had over 200 people sign up.”

Record breaking year

Last proved extremely successful in terms of the number of people who registered, David said: “we did a 1000 people last year, how do you sort of top that? That is the record number of signings in a single day, really I’m looking for a good number maybe 250 by the end of the day bearing in mind the change of date from last year, but also right now there is not too many people on campus that we haven’t yet signed up.”

If you haven’t got involved yet there is still time, David said: “To get involved what you need to do is fill out a form and give your details, like GP and past illnesses you may have, hopefully that have cleared up and then once everything is fine with the form you do the gruesome bit or the fun bit depending on what way you look at it.

“(you) provide a saliva sample and spit into a tube and that gets send off to a lab in London and if you are lucky enough to be a match for someone Anthony Nolan will contact you.”

Save a life

Rik Basra said: “Every single person that we recruit is a life saver and we want to recruit as many as possible. With Pass It On we want to help raise awareness of the tremendous work that Anthony Nolan do and of course to ensure people understand how easy it is to register and how easy it is to donate stem cells.”

For more information about how to get involved visit