When it is about us party animals, we end up being so confused and stressed out as to what to wear on a night out. We don’t want to look like ‘prom queens’ but at the same we don’t want to look inappropriate. However, if we have the right set of outfits and that positive attitude; we can rock absolutely any night out.

Everyone loves to look stunning on a night out, after it is that one night where we can all get have a drink, look sexy and feel great at the same. It is all about where you shop, you don’t even have to buy an expensive outfit, it’s all about those bargain budget buys.  

Here are some ideas as to how you can be on a budget and still look dashing and unique on a night out.

This year New Look went all out on lace clothing. It not only matches with the ‘wintery’ look but it also boosts up a lady’s confidence with this elegant fun look. If you are a kind of person that loves a classy outfit to show off your perfect figure then the white lace crop top from New Look and the black pencil with a layer of lace at the bottom is the perfect outfit for you. At New Look, for that outfit; you are looking to spend about £15 approximately. This will not only suit your personality but it will make you look unique and fashionable at the same time.

We absolutely loved the Flowery dresses and chic collection at Miss Selfridge this year and if you are a kind of person who loves to dress up all ‘girly’ and likes to rock that princess look with a lot of makeup and accessories then the blue flowery bodycon dress is the outfit for you. It is simple but with those curves, anyone can flaunt this dress. Also, simple accessories such as the long red, green and white earrings from Topshop and the heart bracelet from New Look would ‘glam’ up the whole look. To add to your glamour; simple black leather boots would not only be absolutely comfortable to wear but you will be able to look freakishly stylish. When you walk into the club with this outfit, shoes and accessories, everyone’s eye will be on you.  

There are a million of outfits to choose from whether you are going for that lace and revealing or for that classy chic and girly look, all for approximately £30. Having a student budget of £30 and not £100 on clothes, what would be better than that?

Anyone can flaunt any of these styles and still spend less money. Ending with the quote ‘if you have got it, make sure you flaunt it’.