Arbonne products promise to be vegan-friendly.

I thought I would try Arbonne because their website looked promising – the skincare brand creates products that are cruelty-free, and botanically-based.

Well, that’s what it doesn’t include, so what does it actually do?

On first try, the moisturiser (I used the Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream) felt really silky and pleasant on my skin; I put it on before my foundation, and noticed that my skin was definitely less ‘parched’-looking, as it can be during the winter months. It’s got a medium-heavy texture, so it isn’t particularly light and you don’t need a lot of it to soak in. Skin also starts to feel firmer after a couple of uses, and the SPF 20 is a key ingredient also as it protects against daily exposure to harmful sunlight!

The Verdict:

I am definitely impressed by the moisturiser, as it has great restorative qualities! I would recommend it to anybody who wants that boost before applying make-up, and an extra protective serum against the wind and sunshine. I’ll definitely buy this again in future.

Cleansers for me usually take a bit of getting used to, and I think if I didn’t already have a firm favourite, I’d buy this again!

The majority of the packaging is recyclable, and even the shipping materials are greener. Their way of importing products is part of their healthy vegan outlook that has shaped a lifestyle for many people since 1980.

Here are just a few things their products don’t include:
– Artificial sweeteners
– Animal products or by-products
– Synthetic dyes
– Artificial flavours

Cleansers are always something I tend to be careful picking as my skin is so sensitive. This is a wash-off cleanser, so to apply, it’s best to rub in circular motion across your face, and rinse with warm water after a couple of minutes. This is personally my favourite kind of cleanser as I find that it targets problem areas better! Whereas this cleanser stung a little around the eye area for the first use, it calmed down a bit and I noticed that my complexion was a little brighter.

Beauty products can be expensive when they’re botanical, but I think personally that if you are going to treat yourself to anything, skincare is important as it’s the base for your make-up! Looking after your skin is so important during the winter months. It’s annoying that brands that care about their ingredients are usually pricey, and although there are good deals on Amazon sometimes, Arbonne products tend to be around £20 – 30 each. I would definitely recommend having a good browse through botanical products so that you know exactly what is going into your skin!