The Southerner that can’t get enough of the Midlands Jack Campbell and his slightly close to the mark humour is back at Dave’s Leicester comedy show for another year. Note to readers, content within could upset some and give distressing flashbacks to others.

Before I went to this show I never knew just how interesting turtles could be, or that when I am in my mid-twenties I will apparently be going to the best house parties of my life and sharing all of my drugs out amongst my friends without having to ask for a couple of twenties up front or the worry that this one night is probably going to wipe 5 years off my life.

I also learned that the most likely thing to happen to me once I have my degree is that I will go crawling home to my mum and dad and they will have replaced me with some guy from AirBnB and I will have to live in a converted garage until the day I turn thirty or am so completely confident that the jobs market isn’t going to pick up that I off myself with the wall mounted lawn mower.

Moving on from my own personal nightmare I must say that I found Jack’s show to be a refreshing hour of jokes that basically sum up my life as a student and reassure me that all of the crazy stuff that seems to happen throughout my student life isn’t really all that unusual, at one point he described what happened at a house party during new year and all the memories of what made my teenage years horrific came flooding back…but in a funny way.

One of the best things about the show is that it isn’t some sort of pre-planned spectacle with jokes based on current or even really relevant topics, it’s a mad and at times incoherent rambling on life from the viewpoint of today’s youth that will leave you hungry for another hour of stories and observational humour from this up and coming stand-up.

Jack Campbell has a long list of upcoming gigs that you can check out here: