Following last year’s fantastic results, DMU Beer Pong Society is back this Friday with yet another charity night event.

Previously the society has managed to collect nearly £160 for the local Rainbows Hospice and Shalom International Ministries Africa, a Uganda based foundation. This year, DMU Beer Pong decided to send their support to UK guide dogs for the blind and partially sighted.

Jonny Royall, chairman of the society, said: “After an outstanding turnout last year, we had to host another charity event this academic year.  This time we are turning our attention to guide dogs, who receive no government funding, and as a society we believe they need our help”.

Before, Matt Smith, a member of the society, was the main attraction of the event, as he decided to cut off 6-inches of his hair.

Farley Gould, Beer Pong’s social secretary, said: “We are coming back with an even more exciting charity night. Besides the usual drinking games we will be holding a raffle ticket draw and Rory Hanby, our secretary, has agreed to dye his hair a vibrant colour, all for this noble cause. You cannot miss it!”

A guest DJ, Alex Wright, who is known for his achievements in a trance scene, will also be joining the society for the night, playing a mixture of house, trance, and chart music.

The entry fee is only £2, so that anyone can afford joining in. The society welcomes any student, so you can come along even if you have not been present at any other Beer Pong’s past socials.

The event will take place on Friday 12th February at 8pm in the SU, level 1.