Today, The Demon spoke to The Brandy Thieves and had a short interview with them in regards to the new album they are releasing today!

I sat down with Andrea Kenny from the band to talk a little bit about the launch and the new album.

The album launch will take place tonight at The Music Cafe on Braunstone Gate, Leicester and will feature a range of supports Paul-Ronney Angel (URBAN VOODOO MACHINE), Goldwater, The Siobhan Mazzei Band, Magician Colin Skinner, Fortune Telling, Busking Sessions, Free Brandy and more!

‘We wanted sort of, the best of the best of Leicester and around the area just so it’s got a bit of everything for everybody really.’ claims Kenny.


She says that the album ‘all comes from things to do with our personal lives but there’s a lot of story and folk telling.’

After the album launch, they plan to play a number of gigs and festivals around Leicester including the World Gin festival taking place at the National Space Centre in Leicester (where Andrea informs me excitedly that they get to play under the large rocket houses within) and the Simon Says festival.

The debut album ‘Old Tattoos’ will be released tonight, 13th May, online and at the venue.

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for the updates and gig dates and tickets!