It has been nearly three years since the release of their debut album Best Intentions, but We Are The In Crowd are finally back on the scene with their brand new album Weird Kids.

Speaking to Alter The Press!, frontwoman Tay Jardine said that the name of the album comes from her belief that all creative people are a little weird and strange: “It’s the idea of people being kind of strange and outside the box.”

Debut album track Attention pays homage to this notion of “weird kids”, with the line ‘we’re all just weird kids in the end’ repeated throughout, as well as its lyrical focus on breaking away from who you are and becoming who you want to be.

Meanwhile The Best Thing (That Never Happened) – the second single released from the record – recalls the first time that Tay and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Jordan Eckes recorded vocals together. The track was initially released on Spotify, but due to the overwhelming response from fans the band made the track available on iTunes during the same days, a few days ahead of the single’s planned release date.

Dreaming Out Loud is by far one of the highlights on the album. The opening guitar riff is the kind of musical combination that one would want to be playing as they strap on a pair of high-heeled boots and prepare to take over the world. The track is pure rock brilliance from start to finish, whilst guitarist Jordan also comes across as being more vocally confident.


RETURN: After three years WATIC are back with a new album (L-R) Cameron Hurley, Tay Jardine, Jordan Eckes, Mike Ferri and Rob Chianelli

Ballad-geared track Long Live The Kids shows just how much Tay’s vocals have developed during the course of the band’s existence, as she harmonises alongside a simple piano track before bursting into the typical WATIC sound that the fans have come to love. The lyrical message in the song is about the act of growing up whilst keeping the childishness inside of you alive: ‘long live the kids in our soul’.

No WATIC album would be complete without a post-breakup song, and Manners certainly fits the bill. Jordan offers a strong supporting vocal role, particularly during the chorus, with the line: ‘I earned my wings teaching guys like you to keep your mouth shut.’  This track alone proves how well Taylor and Jordan play off each other vocally, as well as the sheer talent held by the rest of the band.

They may have kept the fans waiting for nearly three years, for this new record but the wait was definitely worth it. It’ll be interesting to see what the band pull out next.

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