It was a tense day in Leicester, as De Montfort University (DMU) played University of Leicester (UoL) in multiple events; UoL left the courts with their tail between their legs because DMU Badminton Ladies reigned supreme, as they won their second fixture of the British Universities and College’s Sport (BUCS), requiring only two out of three sets to win – with DMU required to win most of the games to win the overall fixture.

Within the first set of games, DMU played extremely well in the ‘doubles’ games. With doubles matches, the key to is communication and a good bond between partners – something DMU excelled at. With DMU winning all four doubles games, the singles games were where UoL tried to fight back and recover from the devastating doubles matches.

There was some great effort from the opposing team, with them winning two of the singles matches. Despite this, the DMU captain Rhian, led a resounding charge against her opponent in both of her singles matches, winning them and keeping morale up for the ladies as they went into the second set. Rhian played amazingly as she continued her attack on the UoL team, winning both with a double-figure difference. With other unlucky games in the singles matches, UoL managed to keep the score equal, both sides having won their individual sets 2-0.

The girls who played the doubles games produced outstanding rallies and incredible shots throughout – you can tell they’ve been training hard for this year. It was clear that there was no room for mistakes as they finished off their opponents with ease; one of the games was quite close, with a 2-point difference between scores.

This result adds to the increasingly impressive performances that are being seen week in, week out across all sports teams. It is starting to be a great year for sport, and it will especially be interesting when Varsity arrives later in the academic year – a week of competitive matches from all the different sports, against the defeated rivals. Do show your support for all the teams as they train extremely hard throughout the year.

Final Score: De Montfort University Women’s 1st Team 6:2 University of Leicester Women’s 1st Team