This week, the De Montfort University’s (DMU) Volleyball Team (Dragons) played against Aston University’s (Phoenixes) team. The overall match was closer than anticipated, with the match being very intense and exciting. In the end, DMU ladies were victorious, winning 3 sets out of 5.

Starting the match, DMU seemed to be quite confident, starting the game with plenty of smiles. Those smiles were quickly replaced by looks of determination once Aston scored the first five points in rapid succession. The Dragons managed to score points but they seemed to struggle to catch up to their opponents. One of the Dragons slid over the floor on her knees to make an incredible save, which seemed to motivate all of the team as they fought hard for the next few points. A time-out was called and the score was left 13-9 in Aston’s favour. DMU’s tactic for the rest of the set involved a lot of heavy defending. They did prevent Aston from scoring fairly often and managed to score some themselves, but they lost the first set 25-20.

The second set Aston took the lead by gaining 2 quick points, but this time the Dragons did not allow them to keep the upper hand for long. They gained their first point with a powerful strike of the ball, sending it back to the travelling team and leaving them to dive to try and stop it, which they didn’t manage, giving DMU the point. Just like with the impressive save in the first set, this move seemed to give the team another boost. In rapid succession, they brought the score up to 8-5 in their favour. After a time-out, Aston fought hard to catch up but the powerful ladies from DMU wouldn’t stand for it, winning the second set 25-20, evening out the overall score to 1-1.

During the third set, DMU struggled a little. Aston grew louder and gained more confidence with each point scored, but the Dragons stood strong. They took points where they could and defended and blocked the opponent’s attacks. This even led to a few collisions between teammates because they were so eager to win points. In the end, they had to admit defeat with 25-18. Leaving the score 2-1 in favour of the travelling team. After the third set the coach took them aside and whatever was said, it must have been the right thing because in the fourth set the women from DMU took the upper hand. Point after point was tallied up to their name, leaving them to win the fourth match 25-15 and pulling the overall score even at 2-2.

The fifth and last set was perhaps the most exciting and intense set. DMU was the first to earn themselves two points, but Aston was quick to catch up. Whilst the Dragons were able to stay a point or two in front of the Phoenixes at first, Aston eventually managed to gain points in quick succession and left the set tied with 14-14. Whilst normally, the team who would reach 15 points first would win, the rules state that one team had to have two points more than the other team to win the final set. The crowd showed support to their Dragons, yelling and cheering loud enough for other people inside the leisure centre to hear. The women from DMU finally took their well-deserved win at 22-20 which was well received by the crowd with even louder cheering than before.

Final score: De Montfort’s University Women’s Volleyball 1st Team 3-2 Aston University Women’s Volleyball 1st Team