Fickle Friends sound like they’ve sucked up the 80s through a red stripy straw and casually spewed its liquid glamour pop essence about the stage like Madonna’s garden sprinkler.

The inspiring Thursday-night extravaganza held at the smaller room of the O2 Academy felt like a hop back in time, with the band’s deep baselines and mesmerising 80s-inspired synth hooks. The Brighton pop outfit splice modern pop conventions into a wonderful arrangement of old-school nostalgia, making for a rather unique sound and performance. The band opened with an ecstatic rendition of their single ‘Cry Baby’, to which the group were met with a barrage of irritatingly-enjoyable balloons bashed about by the crowd, eventually settling on the stage. I’m not too sure why there were so many balloons – a couple are duly expected, but for a small venue it was as if we were watching the Pixar film Up. Nevertheless, the neo-80s new-new-wave pop jivers weren’t fazed by the playful distraction, booting the balloons back into the audience and continuing to jam-out. Singer Natassja Shiner yanks the band forward with her sparkling vocals, and the zesty energy poured into the instrumentals was ever present, making for an inspiring union so apparent throughout the length of the show. Fickle Friends seemed to be spilling their soul into every song, and never seemed to show the signs of fatigue that undoubtedly comes with days of touring and trashy city clubs. I definitely think that Fickle Friends are ones to watch out for, and real up-and-comers. They’ve seemed to revive the kind of older sound your parents might love, but twisted it inside out like a crisp packet and re marketed it at a younger more-hip audience. They certainly have a lot of natural chemistry as a group, and have shown themselves to be natural performers too; Thursday night ended up being a fantastically unique show.