netball-2On Wednesday 7th December, De Montfort University (DMU) played against Nottingham Trent University (NTU). DMU performed amazingly.

DMU scored the first two points in their first quarter in quick succession, with the third goal following soon after, leaving the score 3-0 within the span of only a few minutes. They were on top of their game as they managed to score another six points without giving the opposition the chance to score a single one.

When the score came to 12-0, it took NTU three tries to grab their first point. Clearly, DMU weren’t only good in attacking but the defence was quite strong as well. This enabled the attackers to score more points for the home team. After Trent managed to score their first and only point of this quarter, DMU retaliated by scoring three points themselves. Leaving the score 15-1 in DMU’s favour.

The ladies from DMU started off strong in the second quarter as well, scoring three more goals before NTU could attempt to score themselves a point. Trent came close to scoring twice, but both times our ladies were able to intercept the attempts, taking the ball and scoring instead, raising the total score to 19-1.

When NTU regained possession of the ball again, they managed to score themselves the second goal of the match. DMU wouldn’t stand for it and fired back by scoring two points at the other end. Trent were feeling quite confident despite this and managed to score another point.

It took DMU a little longer to score again, although the word ‘longer’ can be taken with a pinch of salt here, they managed to score 25 points in just 30 minutes, which is quite impressive. Trent then managed to score themselves a couple more points, which seemed to take everyone by surprise. The score for the second quarter was left at 25-7

The ladies from DMU were the first ones to score in the third quarter, but Trent followed soon after. DMU answered by scoring three quick goals in succession before Trent even got so much as a chance to try and score themselves a point. It was clear to see that DMU took the upper hand once again by scoring four points in a row. They tried to score themselves a fifth, but the ball span on the hoop before toppling off at the wrong side, which meant it was a no goal and the ball was left in the hands of Nottingham Trent. The girls from Nottingham took advantage of this by scoring themselves one last point in the third quarter, settling the final score on 33-10 in DMU’s favour.

The fourth quarter kicked off with NTU scoring three points in a row. This raised the score to 33-13, leaving a twenty-point gap between the teams. Clearly, DMU wanted more and scored a point. Trent, who didn’t want to fall behind too far, answered to this by scoring too. They went back and forth like this for the entirety of the last quarter, but the quarter was clearly in Trent’s favour. It was remarkable how the opposition fought in the last quarter, although, with the wide gap DMU had created between Trent and themselves in the first three-quarters prevented them from catching up, leaving the final score at 35-20.

Final Score: De Montfort University Women’s 1st Team 35-20 Nottingham Trent University Women’s 3rd Team