Meet and Greet: 29.09.14

Taster session: 01.09.14 and 02.09.14

Training: Every Wednesday

Match and League info: To be confirmed

Social: First Social 01.10.14

Chairperson: Gemma Elliott, 3rd Year, Social Work

What were the clubs accomplishments in the previous season?

Our A team more than tripling our BUCS points

What are your aspirations for this season?

To have all of our teams do even better and to hopefully double in size as a society as we did the previous year.

Most memorable moment from last year?

Our newest member of the A team placing 3rd at Varsity- also the mother daughter social- that was one to remember!!!

Why should students join Equestrian?

DMU Equestrian Society offers something for everyone!!! Whether you’re an experienced rider wanting to compete on one of our teams, a complete beginner looking for a new challenge or even just someone looking for a new social experience, DMU Equestrian is for you.


To join DMU Equestrian, find them at the Sports and Societies Fair on Thursday 25 September or get in touch via their links below:

Blog: www.demontfortuniversityequestrian.blogspot.co.uk
Email: dmuequestrian@hotmail.com
Facebook: DMU Equestrian Team and Society 2014/15
Twitter: @DMUEquestrian