The astral second peek into the mystic mind of up-and-coming Magique proves to be as dreamy a gleam as we could have hoped for. ‘Real Love‘ draws to life with a comfortably smooth opening, sliding the song along with a sleek pace. The synths that glide about the verses almost sound hypnotising, drowsily relaxing you until the hooting guitar riff in the chorus jolts your eyelids apart again. This shiny new single explores a more ambitious and lively sound, stepping into the M83-esque electro dance-pop genre. Less moody than the gloomily lovable ‘Baby Blue‘, ‘Real Love‘ does include a similarly sketchy beat, with just as luscious synths – the album should no doubt feature more synthesised magic. The vocals tremor at the heart of the song, throbbing with emotion making the song layered more times than a fancy cake. This uplifting release from the now loved Magique gets us geared up and ready for more. Here’s hoping for something new arriving soon.