Photography: Adrian Pawlik.

The university celebrated Love international with various events, it lasted for 24 hours and a candle was lit each hour in memory of those who had lost their lives. The event started at 12pm on Wednesday 8th Feb and finished at 12pm on Thursday 9th Feb. There were speeches given by members of staff to introduce the event and throughout, students were also invited to give speeches on their views. The British Red cross and City of sanctuary attended, they brought asylum seekers with them who stood up and spoke about their experiences. There was a workshop to make peace signs and a pop up library offering support.

Photography: Adrian Pawlik.

Hasan Ates a second-year history and international student said “I went on a Berlin trip to help refugees; I saw it first-hand which made more emotionally connected and I also have family close to Syria.”

Danny Winney, the president of the student union, said that “a lot of students have fears and it was important to have this event to show that the university is supportive”

The dance group Dance for Change did a piece for the event. The dance piece was based on the women marches and protests, the arm movements included symbolised the placards used in the women’s march and the wall created during the piece was based on shattering the stigma of breaking boundaries. Darcy Kitchener, a dance student graduate of DMU, started the group to make aware the issues going on in the community and around the world.

Photography: Adrian Pawlik.

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