As we all know, DMU is always full of exciting events to attend to. This week, besides the Cultural Exchanges Festival, there’s a new exhibition that you just can’t miss.

Honest Dave, lecturer here at DMU, is running “The Image is the Servant”, an event that involves live music and live image making. For the fourth year on, this years’ experience is themed “peaceful” and it counts with the presence of two Leicester creative collectives: Anerky and House Of Verse.

These two groups are known for running nights where they do spoken word, perform rap, comedy, dance and improvisation.

And this is exactly what this event will be: a mix of everything.

As Honest Dave describes it:

“It’s not quite a gig, it’s not quite an exhibition: it falls somewhere in-between. It’s live performance.”

People have also described it as ‘an art happening’. Something they’ve never seen before.

The gig is a result of the tutor’s personal interests and journeys and it will be full of personal perspectives on ‘peace’.

“We do not live in a peaceful world, so there’s room for serious comment, serious artworks. But there’s also room for a little bit of playfulness.” Said Honest Dave

The students’ perspectives on peace means vary from simply ‘vacuum cleaning’ to travelling.

Erika, student at DMU, said:

“When I read that the theme was ‘peaceful’ I thought about my travels. When I felt truly happy for the first time. So, I put images together from my tips and I tried to make it very abstract.”

Honest Dave advices student to ‘get out into Leicester and checkout the music and art scene.’

So, what’s your take on peace?


The doors open today, at 7:30 pm The Venue (on the DMU campus). Facebook Event (Click here).