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Katherine Ryan Review: Glitter Room in Leicester was an absolute hoot

Ryan’s set at De Montfort Hall was full of hilarious jokes, funny gestures and comically important insights into her personal life. Many of us have heard of Katherine Ryan. A Canadian single mother with way too many dogs who doesn’t...

/ 26th February 2018

The Ritual: Memorial Holiday Gone Wrong?

  A standard horror that does it job of thrilling and scaring audiences while offering a lesson on friendship. Although The Ritual hasn’t given anything new in the world of the horror genre, the British film commitment to deliver a...

/ 27th October 2017

Come and be peaceful with Honest Dave’s new exhibition

As we all know, DMU is always full of exciting events to attend to. This week, besides the Cultural Exchanges Festival, there’s a new exhibition that you just can’t miss. Honest Dave, lecturer here at DMU, is running “The Image...

/ 3rd March 2017