Ryan’s set at De Montfort Hall was full of hilarious jokes, funny gestures and comically important insights into her personal life.

Many of us have heard of Katherine Ryan. A Canadian single mother with way too many dogs who doesn’t need men in her life and takes no non-sense from anybody.

She is a very smart woman, who loves to share her personal experiences with her audience in order to bust myths and make clever social observations.

Her fans weren’t expecting anything less than inappropriate jokes and comic gestures and that’s exactly what they received.

The show started off with Ryan showing off her pink trousers which had flaps on the sides and reassembled a very specific part of the female body.

Katherine, who has been living in the UK for more than ten years, then went on to speak about one of the mothers she often sees on the school runs when picking up her daughter Violet from school.

This woman is a mother to seven (yes, SEVEN) children and often tells Ryan how sorry she feels for her not to have found love. The comedian’s reaction to these remarks is as sarcastic as one can expect from her, and her cracks at this lady are somewhat hilariously inappropriate.

Ryan also shared very comical glimpses into her relationship with her daughter Violet, who has very strong opinions for her age, accompanied with a truly British accent.

She tells us about her relationship with her daughter’s father, and how she pretends to be friends with him to protect Violet when, in reality, they’re ‘enemies’.

Violet wanted her bedroom to be all glittery, and Ryan tells us about the hilarious conversation with the builder who was reluctant to decorate it and refused to call it ‘the glitter room’.

This glittery incident turned out to be the title and inspiration for her tour. 

We chuckled at Katherine Ryan’s brilliant impersonations of her Canadian family who is astonished at the price she has paid for such a small apartment in London.

She merrily expressed her love of wine throughout the show; morning wine (white), evening wine (red).

At the end of the set, we witnessed an incredible Melania Trump shot down, as Ryan explained she is an ‘innocent gold-digger’ caught up in the game.

Throughout the whole of Glitter Room, the audience was treated to uproarious jokes and we would happily listen to Ryan for hours on end.

Katherine Ryan’s support on her Leicester set was Jessica Fostekew, an incredibly funny comedian who spoke about having a young child, pointing out she didn’t have time to iron the back of her shirt. She also shared with the audience the hilarious perks of being in a long-term relationship and the time that her grandpa forgot who she was and hit on her.