Whether you’re an old or new fan of White Lies, their set wasn’t going to disappoint. Despite the crowd being older, with the majority of young attenders being their offspring, the setlist was there for all ages. With obvious favourites such as ‘Bigger Than Us’, ‘To Lose My Life’ and ‘Farewell to the Fairground’ being scattered throughout the night, there was no chance you could risk a quick toilet break.

Rattling through their whole discography in the space of just over an hour, it was as though the band were performing their unreleased ‘Best Of’ album, and in 18 songs we were still expecting more.

With their, semi, recent release of fourth LP Friends, it was fresh to see the difference between the new and old White Lies- and not just with the addition of a live synth player. The album as a whole takes a new turn, and feels like they’re the same old White Lies, just hooked up with new wires, and that’s exactly how they performed.

Notably, ‘Is My Love Enough?’ took the show into a whole other dimension. Combining synth, funk and heartfelt vocals allowed the crowd to see another side of the band. And it’s definitely one they want to see again.