UPDATE [17/03/2017 2PM]: Voting is now closed. Stay tuned for the results here: DSU Elections Coverage 2017

If you hadn’t already been able to tell from the number of posters, flyers and constant Facebook notifications asking you to like peoples campaign pages – it’s time for the DSU Elections.

Voting has now opened in what will be a week of heavy campaigning for the 50 candidates vying for the 10 open roles.

Of the current five full time positions only two will be attempting to stay on, while President Dan Winney, VP Welfare and Community Kiera Rounsley and DP Education Augustus Mbasanor won’t be running again.

Meanwhile VP Media and Communication, Mike Mayes will be hoping to keep his position over opponent Emily Frost.

But Vice President Student Activities, Ahtesham Mahmood will be trying to take a step up the political ladder in his campaign for President. He will be facing five other competitors: David Martin, Emilia Djiapouras, Lauren Thomas, Joseph Glover and Garry Foster.

To see the manifestos of all the people you can vote for this year check here

Voting will take place through the week online and will close on the 17 March at 2pm with the results starting later that day at 6pm in the new Campus Centre hosted by DemonFM.

Make sure to check back here for all the latest election news and coverage and on Friday for our results announcements and analysis and comment below your thoughts about the elections.

For a list of all the candidates running for full-time roles, check below.

President Candidates:

Lauren Thomas

Ahtesham Mahmood

David Martin

Emilia Djiapouras

Garry Foster

Joseph Glover


Deputy President Education

Martins Peppernicks

Abigail Henesy

Kyle Hatfield

Ffion Piper

Lily Tsuen

Kelly Davies

Ryan Willett

Mollie Footitt

Ros Gipson


Vice President Welfare and Community

Jessica Okwuonu

Coren Munday

Lucy Hayto

Tiffany Tangen

Jordan Parker

Louise Cunliffe

Nikki Payne

Rebekah Chapman


Vice President Media and Communications

Emily Frost

Mike Mayes


Vice President Student Activities

Abigail Colebrook

Amy Phillips

Derrick Mensah

Lucina Wilde

Sarah Martins

Silas Gardner

Azhar Iqbal

Samuel Galeckyj


Check here for the full list of Part-time Candidates and the roles they are running for.