The first round of upper management job recruitment is closing soon. You’ve got until the 1st June at 23:59PM to apply for any of the volunteer management officer roles available.

This could be the start of a fantastic opportunity to work in the world of Student Media. Over the past year, Demon Media has hit major strides in what it was able to accomplish, from publishing an incredible monthly magazine, successfully pulling off a charity telethon coined ‘The Great RAG Challenge’ to hosting the biggest Student Radio Conference ever!

And next year, you could be part of it.

You’ll be responsible for making sure Demon Media continues to grow and to support the three major strands and it’s 300+ volunteer members.

It’s an incredible opportunity and one that provides so many new skills and experience that look fantastic on your CV.

You can view all of the available job titles and descriptions by following this link.

To start the application process, please fill out the form at