First and foremost, congratulations on your placement to De Montfort University, Leicester! We hope you’re just as excited about the coming few months as we are!

One of the first things you’ll want to do come September, is get stuck in and involved with societies, sports teams and other social groups to really start making the most out of your university experience.

We are one such group.

This is Demon Media, a student lead communications and media group and a part of the Students’ Union at DMU.

But what exactly is it that we do?

Well, we have three main strands:

  • The Demon (Magazine and Online written content)
  • DemonTV (video production strand)
  • DemonFM (community radio station)

They are supported by two sub-strands, Demon Design and Demon Tech.

The Demon Logo, Light BackgroundThe Demon comprises of a monthly magazine and weekly written articles on this very website! The beauty of the strand is that no two articles that come through are the same. We can have a very serious news piece discussing international events or local politics, to the entertaining discussion about Ryan Reynolds and his lesser known filmography. This website sees regular content weekly from all walks of life. We have regular discussions about the latest TV shows and films, reviews of live music acts, beauty and fashion advice, lifestyle tips and much, much more. The magazine is published every month and the articles that it contains are hand picked by a team of fantastic editors and then accompanying designs are produced from the editorial design team within Demon Design. This ensures that no two issues of the magazine are quite the same! You can view the previous issues of the magazine by clicking here: If you have something you’re passionate about and you want to write a regular piece for the website (that could make its way into the monthly printed magazine), make sure you get in touch and come and see us during Freshers’ Week! We are currently looking for people to fill in a few editor positions. The application form can be found here:

Demon TV Logo, Light BackgroundDemon TV is a group passionate about production, crazy about cameras and are always talking TV.

With over 10 years of operation, Demon TV’s content goes from strength to strength each year. From Celebrity interviews to live broadcasts, from sports to music, Demon TV is Demon Media’s answer to all things video and a perfect foundation for anyone looking for a career in Film and TV. We want to take your ideas and make them a reality providing help and experience along the way.

If you’re a student at DMU and want to get involved or a company wanting to get in touch, please email

Also, make sure to visit and keep up with the latest releases!

Demon FM Logo, Light BackgroundA community radio station broadcasting from De Montfort University campus, online and on 107.5FM in the Leicester City Centre area.

DemonFM has got many successful years under it’s belt (starting in 1995) with many more successful years ahead! DemonFM has many students presenters and producers who work to keep the station as innovative and fresh as possible.

DemonFM has the unique addition that it is also supported by a number of additional community members, both on and off the air. In fact, a majority of late night and weekend programming is dedicated to professional DJ’s and presenters that join the station from the local community.

DemonFM are always hard at work bringing you the very best content that they can, whether this is on-air, through podcasts or via social media. So, make sure you visit the website and give the station a listen!

Being one of the newest strands to Demon Media only means that as a team we will keep growing and become stronger to provide a design team that can rise to the challenge. We will be working with all strands of Demon Media to provide more professional branding for promotion, alongside, more illustrative and editorial work for The Demon Magazine. We fully support all creative styles and ideas, and want to help provide you your first steps into the world of design. Join here:

Demon Tech is the group responsible for anything technical across the whole of Demon Media. From Demon FM broadcasts (including mixing desks and a complete FM and online audio chain) to Demon TV’s live stream setups, we care for it all. We plan to prepare equipment for all of the large events and outside broadcasts and carry out in house repairs and upgrades and ensure we stay at the cutting edge of technology available to student media. We work behind the scenes to keep the wheels turning. Please drop us an email at if you’re interested!

IMG_1051You don’t have to study media, journalism or other creative subjects to get involved; here at Demon, we want your passion, enthusiasm and drive to create something amazing. Find out more about the strands below and find out how to get involved here:

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