Photo Credit: De Montfort University

Photo Credit: De Montfort University

De Montfort Students’ Union is giving students a voice this week.

They have been giving away free cupcakes in exchange for 100 new ideas for DMU.

DSU is set to play a key role in the University’s new ‘strategic plan’, deciding the direction the university will take for the next five years.

Previously focusing on employability, DSU want to gauge student views for the future.

For the following week, a number of executive officers and staff members are in various campus locations offering sweet treats for students willing to have their say.

Vice President of Media and Communications, Adam Redfern said: “We have a massive role to play in the student experience.

“100 ideas is an aim, giving us something to take back to the University’s governors and say ‘this is what the students want’.

“We represent students, and your views matter to us. The strategic plan will give the University a direction for the next five years.”

DSU President, Adil Waraich, is keen to push the concept of ‘extra course costs’, something that particularly impacts Art and Design students, often spending upwards of £200 on materials or printing.

The previous strategic plan focused on employability and saw De Montfort University named one of the top 50 universities for graduate jobs, while the new strategy could be a step even further.

The new strategy is set to be “a landmark in the University,” said Adam.

The event allows students to think about their educational needs and what can be improved to influence their student experience.

Demon Media will also play an important role in the week, gathering audio and visual examples of student opinions.

Adam said: “Demon’s involvement allows us to take exciting visuals of real opinions to the University and really represent student views.”

100 ideas is being held at various locations this week from 11:30am-2:30pm. For a detailed list of locations visit – “100 Ideas for DMU Week”.