Yesterday De Montfort played host to the Caravan Theatre Company and their original production of Can’t Touch This.

The ten minute play takes place in a caravan with multiple shows throughout the day and has been touring around university campuses across the country starting with its debut at Essex University.

The production is focused on the issue of consent and what it means to say no and harassment students face on nights out.

Cassie Catchpole, Artistic Director said: “Everyone reacts differently, but here at De Montfort, people seem to a bit more open and with such a diverse campus we have had a great response.

“We also think having the black boards on the side of the caravan for people to write on as soon as they’ve seen the play really captures their emotions and reaction to it.”

The show, which is in its first year hopes to raise awareness to serious topics that students deal with on a regular basis and give them an outlet to express themselves and ask questions.

This is done through letting those who wish to participate write their thoughts and feeling on chalkboards on the caravan.

The company hopes to take the show on for a second year with thoughts of having one focused on mental health issues.

Cassie added: “We always love to capture the feedback students leave us and we try to work closely with the Student Unions as much as possible.

“Sometimes you can figure out very specific issues around a campus from what some students write down.”

To find out more about the production or the company visit their website: