It was reported recently that Kevin Hart had been hinting at the last date of his most recent stand-up tour in Johannesburg that he might be permanently leaving the stand-up circuit for reasons unknown. He apparently told Variety that ‘What Now?’ might be his final show he said: “I don’t know if I am ever going to do this again.” Although we have to bear in mind the fact that his final tour date was set for April first which means that this all could have been one big April fools.

If you don’t know who Kevin Hart is or why you should care then allow me to catch you up a bit, he is a movie star, producer, writer and stand-up comedian from Philadelphia who up until fairly recently was in pretty much everything on American screens and was busy being mistaken for Chris Rock constantly. He has a unique style of comedy focussing on his own insecurities as a person and observations about his own life experiences to great effect, this is seen in both his stand-up routines and movie/TV appearances.  

Hart’s (possibly) final tour is currently being made into a stand-up movie that should make it’s way to Netflix sometime in the next month to sit next to his other feature length comedy marathons such as Laugh at my pain and Let me explain.