Written by Cintia Queta

The Poster Show and Leavers Event from the Department of Politics at De Montfort University was hosted on Wednesday, February 12, at The Venue. Around 40 students and academics were in attendance.

During the Poster Show, students showcased their research posters to academics and other members of staff, such as the careers team and librarians.

Final year International Relations and Politics student, Dhara (20), says; “It’s quite an informal event, so that makes me feel more relaxed instead of feeling like you’re being assessed by somebody.”

They also received feedback on how to improve their research, to which Dhara had to add;

“It will help me with my dissertation because when people ask me questions, I think about what other steps I want to take. I think the support was really helpful.”

Dr Ben Whitham, a dissertation supervisor, agrees that events like these are crucial for students’ development. “I think it’s really good that we offer this as part of the assessment. Some people will be better at communicating through a piece of writing and some people will prefer to communicate in a visual way. So, it’s nice that we offer a range of ways in which students are able to express themselves.”

He also highlighted the importance of the Poster Show to help students build transferable skills such as communication and networking. “It’s going to be important that they know how to present something clearly and accessible to a range of audiences. Even if you become an expert in one of the topics presented here, and you end up working in the UN, it’s really important that you know how to communicate with a range of audiences. So I think it’s crucial to helping students to develop into researchers.” Says Dr Whitham.

The poster show was followed by a Leavers’ Event. During which students were treated to a buffet dinner with an in-house DJ playing music. This was also an opportunity to network with members of the public working in related industries.