Winter is a time where we like to wrap up warm to shield ourselves from the harsh cold weather, drink hot drinks and realise that our skin is not coping very well. 

Winter is known to dry out our skin as the humidity drops, therefore, making our beautiful skin feel flaky, dry and tight. That’s something we don’t want so I am here to give you some tips on how to look after your skin in these cold, dull winter months. 

First of all, we have to think about moisturiser. We need a thick and hydrating moisturiser in order to put back in the water that is missing. Personally, I love to use Simple Water Boost Gel Cream. It is super affordable at only £3.50 at Boots. Simple always seems to have amazing skincare as it’s so kind and gentle to our skin so it is a great brand to have during the winter months. Another favourite of mine that is a little more expensive but lasts you a lifetime is the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop. Usually, the pots are around £15 but you get a generous amount and a little goes a long way with these creams. It smells amazing and is also suitable for all skin types. 

Next, we have to think about the lips. The skin on our lips is thinner than anywhere else making it easier to damage in the winter, so we must protect it at all costs. To replenish your lips, it is vital to wear a lip balm at night as breathing through your mouth also leads to dryness. Personally, I am a little basic when it comes to lip balms and tend to carry around Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Balm as it’s only £2.10 at Superdrug and seems to last me the whole of the winter no matter how much I apply it. Cocoa butter is so moisturising and also smells amazing so it’s a winner in my eyes. If you are looking to splash out on a lip balm though, there is also the Burts Bees range setting you back around £5 or Body Shop’s Shea Butter pot for £6. All these lip balms have the hydrating qualities you will need for your lips to feel plump and soft during the winter. 

All throughout the year, you are told to drink plenty of water in order to hydrate your skin. This is vital in the winter months as we have established that our skin dries out quicker in the winter. Aim to sip around 8 cups of water a day of water or tea. There is no need to drink gallons a day unless your body is extremely dehydrated so sticking to around 8 cups will be perfect. 

Now as it’s cold out you may want to take more hot showers and baths and sit in them for a while. I tell you; this is not the best idea. Too much hot water dries out your skin as it increases the evaporation. All you need is around 15 minutes in order to do what you need because who needs to shave their legs in the winter? It added warmth at the end of the day. Switch out your normal gel body wash for a more hydrating cream-based one such as Dove Deeply Nourishing which will only set you back £2.65 from your local Boots. That will add moisture to your skin whilst you are in the shower, then when you come out why not apply the Dove Shea Butter Body Lotion which is £4.69 at Boots. 

It may seem like you have to buy the most expensive products in order to get the best result but hopefully, this has proven to you that there are cheaper alternatives out there which will give you the same result that the more expensive products will. Just remember to keep moisturising so you don’t dry yourself out, it may sound obvious but many of us tend to forget and then we end up with chapped lips and flaky skin, none of us want that.