MPs have voiced their support for a bill which would see England having their own national anthem if passed.

The bill was put forward by Chesterfield Labour MP, Toby Perkins during a ten minute rule motion in the House of Commons.

Mr Perkins said: “God Save the Queen is the national anthem of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but on sporting occasions the union is broken up and we play as individual nations.

“Members should detect no hostility in me towards God, her majesty the Queen, to God Save the Queen or to the United Kingdom.

“Indeed it is precisely out of respect to preserving many of these things that I believe the time has come to consider the question of an English national anthem.”

Currently God Save the Queen is played before sporting events England take part in but Scotland and Wales use their own national anthems.

Recently at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Jerusalem was played for English athletes as they received their medals on the podium. Jerusalem was chosen after a public vote and beat God Save the Queen and Land of Hope and Glory.  

David Cameron has also previously voiced support for having Jerusalem as the English national anthem and to play it before sporting events.

The ten minute rule motion allows backbench MPs to put forward their own ideas in a ten minute speech. The idea will have a second reading in March where MPs can debate the main points of the bill.

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