On 5 February, DMU’s Beer Pong Society held a formal night of ponging, all in a bid to raise money for disadvantaged children.

The charity event was held at the SU lobby with the entrance fee being as little as £2 so that anyone could afford joining in, even those on tight budgets.

The society decided that the proceedings would go towards helping a local Rainbows Hospice, as well as Shalom International Ministries Africa, a foundation based in Uganda.

By the end of the night, Beer Pong Society managed to raise nearly £160 which will go towards providing better lifestyles for the less fortunate.

Jonny Royall, chairman of the society, said: “We decided to hold a charity event to show that our society does not focus on alcohol consumption only. We chose SIM Africa because our treasurer Giorgio has previously worked with them.

“As for Rainbows Children Hospice we felt it’s also good to support a local charity”

During the night, attendees had the chance to play a variety of drinking games alongside ordinary beer pong, whilst listening to a brilliant playlist made by a guest DJ.

In addition, the participants were able to enjoy themselves until 3am, as the Beer Pong Society co-hosted the launch of brand new Viva Thursdays party.

De Montfort University students proved they are big-hearted and always willing to help others, as around fifty people turned up, doubling the numbers from previous socials.

Aden Levitt, social secretary, said: “It was great to see such a big turnout and to see so many people donate to two amazing charities that help the lives of children here and in Uganda”

Society member Matt Smith was the biggest attraction of the night when he announced he is willing to cut an inch of his hair for every £10 donated.

He said: “My house-mate approached me asking if I’d cut my hair to raise money and awareness for charities. Both of which I hadn’t been previously aware of and I’m glad I am now because they are great charities – so the awareness raising clearly worked.

“After a think I was totally on board. Anything to raise a little bit more money for these charities is really important.

“The whole charity event was a great idea, as simple as dressing up smart and socialising but paying a small entry fee. And the turnout was outstanding”.

The Rainbows Hospice helps children with short life to live, providing nurse-led unit with support from a team of doctors with expertise in children’s palliative and end of life care and symptom management.

SIM Africa assists youths, women, orphans and persons living with HIV by giving them hope in developing their activities in full potentials.

Luiza Wojno, Beer Pong’s media secretary, said:  “We are extremely pleased that this event helped to raise profile awareness of the two charities whilst promoting our society. The night was a great success, and we are looking to host similar evenings in future”.


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