On Tuesday night, I went along to The Garage in Highbury Crescent to sample some of the most talented bands in the unsigned music scene. These kinds of environments are great for the budding musician or even the unknowing stranger that wishes to feel ‘involved’. These shows have a personalisation you wouldn’t see at the London 02.

I will admit, that with all the hustle and bustle, some of the songs aren’t documented here. However, Face the Ocean; kicked off the night. They performed a quirky selection of Twin Atlantic-esque songs, their set picking up when they performed ‘Breathe Again’, an upbeat tune reminiscent of ‘Please Ask For Help’ from Telekinesis. They’re a band that leave you with relaxed and happy vibes and I genuinely wish their set had been slightly longer. But what I did get was just as good.

After I missed a set, I came back to see Syren City. I’ve never seen this band play before and boy, was I missing out. I’ve always heard great stories about them but I didn’t realise how good they were until I experienced them for myself. They were heavier than the other bands playing that night but it added a lot more joie de vivre to the evening. Infectious and hardcore, they head banged through their set and had the crowd going crazy. Simon Roach’s vocals are pretty outstanding and I have to say the most fitting for a night like this.

The next band in the line up was Speaking in Shadows.

Speaking in Shadows have made their way through the ranks of pop-punk music with subtle ease and great aplomb. They performed various songs from their 2014 EP ‘The Lies we Lead’ and their 2015 EP ‘The Anchor’, occasionally switching it up with much older songs.

As always, their stage presence is eager and intense with lead singer, Adam Smith charging the night with effervescence and exuberance. The audience clearly loved them. Every minute or so a girl would come up to me screaming, jumping up and down like a cat on a hot tin roof. It just goes to show how this Warwickshire based band who formed in 2010, have gripped the UK music scene by the scruff of the neck and haven’t let go.

It was only the other day that I was listening to Downpour from SIS’s first album and thinking that it sounds similar to ‘Insomnia’ by Christophe Beck, it definitely would not go amiss in Elektra, John Wick or any other thriller for that matter. Even ‘Breaking Silence’ from the ‘Lies we Lead’ EP has sounds that immediately remind you of an Evanescence type video. Either way, this is a band that is staying defiant in its hope to bring people together and spread their message. It is also worth a mention that this show was guitarist Ali Carvell’s last London show and throughout the four years I’ve seen him perform, this band has benefitted tremendously from him and he will certainly be missed.

Bringing the evening to a close was Orchard Hill. They performed songs such as their popular hit song ‘Make it out Alive’ and they even covered more contempary chart music such as Halsey’s ‘New Americana’. A song that I think would be perfect for Tiff Nicholson’s vocals if they were ever to head into that direction of music. Towards the end of the night, a mosh pit had formed and people were rocking out like it was MTV’s New Years Live.

If you haven’t seen any of these bands before, I sincerely suggest you check them out. You can get a hold of their music and details by searching for them on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or iTunes.

Featured image photo credit @ Victoria M Photography https://www.facebook.com/Victoria-M-Photography-1643588222528078/

The band featured in the photo are https://www.facebook.com/speakinginshadows