Thinking back to the hazy days of November, the 18th to be exact and the night that JAWS, armed with jangly guitars and their new album, Be Slowly, brought a surprisingly raucous show to the much loved Cookie. As the night began the queues formed, the drinks flowed and the rabble were crammed into the underneath of the venue.

The number of support bands became tedious after about an hour and people became impatient waiting for the main act. Finally JAWS entered to roars of support from the fans. The band launched into ‘Cameron‘, which sent the crowd into a frenzied mix of dancing and moshing as more and more people tried but failed to cram into the already packed venue. Moving on to another fan favourite, ‘Swim‘, slowed the pace down but didn’t lose any of the energy.

As they played through the rest of the album, some of the stand outs being ‘Filth‘ and ‘Sunset State‘, they never failed to lose the audience’s attention and never seemed to falter even when someone was shoved into the mic stand causing a horrifying mix of feedback and screaming from the downed fan. This all culminated in their final song of the night, ‘Gold‘, sending the crowd wild even making me hit the deck a few times. I’m not quite sure if being drenched in sweat, beer and having my shoe ripped off was worth it, but it was definitely a night to remember.