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Remember, remember the 5th of November – it’s Bonfire Night tomorrow!

While you’re busy sucking on your toffee apples, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the glitter in the sky, and keeping warm by the fire, here is a Bonfire Bonanza of a Monday Playlist for you to enjoy! The Demon Music team have found the search function in their music players this week, and punched in a load of bonfire-related terms to bring you an apt playlist for the occasion. Who knew there were so many songs by the name of ‘Fire’?!

Looking elsewhere now in Demon Music; did you catch singer/songwriter Mark Hole live in The Lobby last Thursday (October 31) as part of the Coffeehouse Sessions Tour? No? Not to worry, as Bradley has all the details for you on Wednesday in his review of the show. Meanwhile – on Friday – Alex returns with his monthly ‘From The Archives’ review. This month, he is re-visiting The Clash’s iconic album, London Calling; Brit-punk at its best!

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1. ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ – Bastille

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natbcfc) says: “This band have come a hell of a long way in the past couple of years. From the unknown to a household name, Dan Smith’s Bastille have set the bar high with their debut album Bad Blood, with ‘Things We Lost…’ being one of the stand out tracks. Showcasing Dan’s phenomenal vocals, this stunning single is extremely powerful, dark, and provides perfect listening for this time of year.”

2. ‘Great Balls of Fire’ – Jerry Lee Lewis

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “A rock ‘n’ roll classic, Jerry Lee Lewis’ unique vocals really shine on this track. With 50s jive beats throughout, this energetic little number will have you singing along and hand jiving all around the fire! So ladies, don your poodle skirts and gents don your suits, but don’t get too close to the flames – synthetics are highly flammable!”

3. ‘Fires’ – Band of Skulls

Nicola says: “One of my top discoveries of 2012, Band of Skulls are a trio blessed with the ability to couple scuzzy rock instrumentals with lingering, anthemic vocals. ‘Fires’ is one of the band’s slower tracks from their debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, but is still brilliant nonetheless. A great listen for when the fireworks are done and the evening is winding down.”

4. ‘Fire’ – Kasabian

Nicola says: “Now what would our bonfire playlist be without the flame-inspired hit from Leicester’s top band, Kasabian? ‘Fire’ is arguably one of the best indie rock tracks to come out of 2009, and gets guaranteed chant-alongs wherever it is played. Tom’s laddish vocals entwine perfectly with Sergio’s catchy riffs, making for ideal listening as the bigger of your rockets head up into the sky.”

5. ‘Firework’ – Katy Perry

Hollie Copas (@Holc93) says: “One of the elite ‘Princesses of Pop’, Ms Perry created this true banger back in 2010, and it  will no doubt be played year after year on Bonfire Night! The beautifully quirky video reminds me of a Disney Princess-come-sparkling, dangerous inferno (basically a Barbie doll on fire), which only Katy and her enthusiasm for anything out of the realms of normality could get away with! She is one of my favourite artists, and as Bonfire Night is also my birthday, it seems suited that I chose someone I’m a fan of!”

Editor’s note: “Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Hollie! love your Demon Music Family xx”

6. ‘Girl On Fire’ – Alicia Keys

Harry Dean (@harrydeansays) says: “This really is a powerful tune; you can feel the emotions in this song as Alicia Keys cries out the lyrics to ‘Girl on Fire’. Emotional songs always seem to have powerful effects on the charts, but although this song never quite reached number one, critics raved about Keys’ “powerful and flawless vocals over her trademark piano punches”. I love this song and always will do, it really is another one I scream – I say scream because I can’t sing – along to on my motorway on a long drive! Alicia, you’re on fire girl!”

7. ‘Fire’ – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Alex Underwood (@broadcasteralex) says: “One of The Experience’s shorter songs, it’s sharp, punchy and has a phenomenally catchy riff. Time to whip out those air guitars!”

8. ‘Fire!’ – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Alex says: “‘I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you… FIRE!’ are the infamous opening lyrics to this psychedelic (and only) hit from Arthur Brown. A very fitting song for Bonfire Night because of – obviously – the lyrics’ subject matter, but also psychedelia’s strong association with the array of colours seen from fireworks.”

9. ‘FireStarter’ – The Prodigy

Bradley Duggan (@bradley_duggan) says: “The Prodigy are one of the longest running bands from the “big beat” genre, and are still at the top of the game. Cast your minds way back to 1996 when ‘FireStarter’ was first released; its fast pace and heavy beats made it a great beat to rave to . I couldn’t watch the video without being scared of Keith Flint jumping around the London Underground, to which some music channels refused to show it until after the watershed. The song was used in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony to represent the music of the 90’s and it is one of the most iconic songs from this amazing act who have gone on to sell well over 25 million records worldwide.”

10. ‘Bonfire’ – Knife Party

Bradley says: “I am really delving into dance music this week and my 2nd choice for our Bonfire Night theme this week is ‘Bonfire’ by Knife Party. The Australian duo consist of former Pendulum band members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, so we could pretty much guarantee it would be good. ‘Bonfire’ comes from their 2nd EP called Rage Valley, and also featured on the hit TV show Breaking Bad. It comes with heavy drops and some amazing beats. Something you can dance to whilst watching the fireworks, maybe?”

11. ‘Who’s Got A Match?’ – Biffy Clyro

Ethan Williamson (@E523W) says: “Before Biffy burst into public consciousness with their fifth album Only Revolutions in 2009, there was Puzzle. Whilst this isn’t the best song off the album, it IS one of the catchiest tunes the band have produced. Always worth a listen.”

12. ‘4th of July (Fireworks)’ – Kelis

Sarah Seaton says: “You should have no worries when listening to this song, as it has got a real retro edge, and is just a fun and bubbly song to dance to whilst you watch the sky light up!”

13. ‘Bang Bang’ – Will.I.Am

Sarah says: “Will.I. Am is a music genius who is always coming up with the best dance, bass and soul beats, and this banger follows suit!  You can’t not dance to ‘Bang Bang’, thanks to its Jazz aura, tooting trumpets and the unstoppable rapping over the top. Need I say more?”

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