Here at Demon Media one thing I’m sure that we will agree on is that we are a talented bunch of people! Across our three strands, we have so many brilliant people that contribute to the student media that students across our campus enjoy. In particular, DemonFM have decided to start celebrating the achievements of its members with their new segment – spotlight. Members can nominate each other for something that’s been particularly wonderful which they may have contributed to the strand or for their continuous hard work. It’s a great way for members of the team to be celebrated for all the great stuff that they do! This week’s first ever winner was Nikki LeFevre, and here you can read all about her contribution to DemonFM.  

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Nikki. What year are you and what is your course? Do you enjoy it? 

It’s no problem! So, I am currently a second year English Literature student, and I think it’s great. I just read a lot of books and poems and talk about them, which is very fun, and I’ve discovered a lot from my course. 

What influenced you to get involved with Demon Media, and especially DemonFM? 

A very good friend of mine, Bethany Mosettig, used to be the producer of inFocus when I was in my first year, and she recommended DemonFM to me because she thought I had a lot of opinions on the news and politics, which is true! I went to one of the inFocus meetings with her and I was immediately launched into presenting a show the next week, which was very overwhelming. After that I knew I wanted to get involved on a more permanent basis, and I’ve stayed loyal to inFocus ever since. 

What is the theme for your show? 

Basically, inFocus is a weekly topical debate show, where myself and a bunch of other presenters debate some important topics that have been in the news in the past week. Our producers help us schedule the show and decide what topics would sound good to debate, and us presenters do some research beforehand and we discuss them. The show runs for two hours, and the first hour consists of around three of us discussing a topic that we are passionate about, and we get interviews and record students talking about it. In the second hour we have four people who debate the biggest stories in the news in that week. 

Do you have anything within your show that makes it unique to you? 

One of the most important things about our show is that we value the students’ opinions over everything. Like I mentioned earlier, we regularly go out onto campus, find students and ask them what they think of the topics we plan to talk about on radio. For example, for one show we asked the students of DMU what they thought of knife crime, and whether they felt safer in their hometown or Leicester. We also schedule interviews with some pretty interesting people, and that’s always great to do as us presenters can get different perspectives on topics that we would never have considered before recording. 

How long have you been interested in radio, and taking part in it? 

I have been interested in radio for a long time, but it was never something that I thought I could get involved in. I used to listen to the radio a lot with my dad, and I got to go to a radio studio when I was in secondary school, so I’ve been interested in for a while. I’ve had an active role in radio for a year now – in fact, it was the anniversary of my first show a few days ago! 

And finally, how does it feel to be the winner of the spotlight? 

I’m honestly so shocked that I won because I didn’t think that people knew who I was, as I only have a small role at DemonFM, but it’s such a pleasant surprise! It’s so lovely to see that people have noticed me and the work I have put into the show. Presenting radio is something that I have always enjoyed doing at university, and this just makes me want to do so much more. I’m so grateful to be picked as the winner of the spotlight. 

Be sure to catch Nikki on her show InFocus on Monday 6-8pm on 107.5 DemonFM, or visit the link