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The Nightmare Before Christmas – Halloween or Christmas film?

One of Disney’s most successful, yet unusual, films is the classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. Released in 1993, this stop-motion treat directed by famous director Tim Burton has caused great controversy over the years – is it a Halloween or...

/ 25th December 2017

Halsey – Underrated Feminist?

It would be a surprise if you haven’t heard of rising star Halsey by now. The 23-year-old has a unique electropop sound and edgy persona which helps her stand out from the crowd. She gained a significant amount of fame...

/ 14th November 2017

Does Moana mark a new age for the Disney Princess?

Disney has released many well-anticipated films this year, however on November 23rd they released what could possibly be the most highly awaited animated film of 2016 – Moana. Here we see the introduction of Disney’s newest princess and she’s nothing...

/ 7th December 2016