Well it turns out Leicester isn’t just a city of footballers but a city of skateboarders as well. So you should definitely be celebrating that by going to a movie premier right?

Well @Bagheadcrew are offering just that, tonight at the Broom Skatepark they will be premiering their second film Baghead Kills Part 2 at 8.30pm.

The crew published their first full length in 2014 and this video has had a “superb reception” so far with the crew saying they “couldn’t be more grateful.”

Creator, Forde Brookfield, said: “The biggest challenge you face is constantly updating yourself, finding new locations and being able to commit yourself and knowing you can push your limits is the best outlook you can have.

We’ve nailed Paris and Spain, along with every UK/Midlands related spots with a little bit of North Wales thrown into the mix. I’m hoping to expand BAGH3AD III deeper overseas to the U.S.A, and Japan.” 

Check out a trailer for Baghead Kills Part 2 here

The skate scene in Leicester isn’t just limited to Baghead though with local skate shops like Cartwrights helping the scene as well.

Forde added: “We have a local store called “Cartwrights” which is owned by the legendary Paul Cartwright. He’s been in the skateboarding scene for over 20 years and skated for much longer.

He knows what the scene needs and the best part about it is he grew up skateboarding. The skateboarding scene is evolving and is constantly growing and you need someone who’s been through various stages to understand what change is happening and how you can roll with it.”

You can buy DVD copies of the film at the premier as well as order online and buy digitally here: