The Comedy Committee aren’t the overlords of humour, just the committee of DMU’s Comedy Society.

That’s me! Your very own comedy editor! I’m Social Media Secretary for DMU Comedy.

I'm the one on right. I think.

I’m the one on right. I think.

How long have you been in DMU Comedy Society?

Two years, I joined the very first week of uni.

Why did you join?

I’ve always loved comedy and secretly wanted to try it. Also, former chairman David Murphy went to the same school as me and told me I should join, so I could hardly say no.

Who is your/are your favourite comedians?

There is a long list, but I usually manage to whittle it down to these three: Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee and Tim Minchin.

How would you describe Comedy Society?

Funny. Fun. Friendly. Driven. A place where people from all kinds of backgrounds, doing all kinds of courses, with all kinds of interests, can all be very close friends thanks to a shared interest. The society seems to attract people who think in the same way, but I can’t quite work out how.

What was your favourite Comedy Society moment?

I’ve been to Edinburgh twice and both times have been amazing, but I suppose a month doesn’t count as a moment. Playing the (100% verbal) improv game ‘Matt and Matt make a porno’ was hysterical …or meeting my girlfriend…I suppose.

Why should freshers join Comedy Society?

You might regret it if you don’t! If even a tiny part of you is interested, then go for it. So many society members say that they joined in their second or third years because they were nervous or unsure, and they regret it so much. It always reminds me what a good idea it was to join in week one!