Scottish singer, songwriter Roddy Woomble returned to Leicester for his first time in over 6 years on a Thursday night and treated the city to an evening of his music from over the years. He played at The Musician on 19th October, and it was a night to remember!

The rainy streets and chilly breeze outside were quickly forgotten about as Woomble began his 20 song set with the new single ‘Look Back Like Leaving’ from his recently released, fourth studio album ‘The Deluder’.

He continuously weaved his old and newer material in between one another throughout the night. More upbeat feeling songs like ‘A New Day Has Begun’ mixed things up nicely in comparison to the darker, grittier style that many songs from The Deluder have taken.

That being said, the sound of the IdleWild frontman’s sombre vocals being accompanied by simplistic guitar riffs, subtle violin strokes and beckoning drum beats did an excellent job in maintaining the calming atmosphere that took over the room from start to finish. Woomble successfully conveyed the raw emotion that can be found in these new tunes.

Fans of IdleWild were given their time to relish in the band’s music with a few of their most popular singles being scattered around the set list, before their harmonious hit American English was played during the 3 piece encore; the perfect way to round things off nicely.

I had the chance to interview Roddy Woomble and ask him those questions fans are dying to know the answers too…


What have been the best and worst experiences of touring that you’ve had so far over the years?

Well they have been quite diverse so it is hard to pick one out. The best experiences are the good gigs, full of enthusiastic audiences.


How did you approach “The Deluder” in comparison to the other 3 records that you’ve released before?

I made it with a band in a short space of time. The other solo albums have been made with a revolving cast over a longer period of time.


With this fourth album taking a darker, atmospheric and more personal style, how far do you think your lyrics have developed and changed since you first started writing songs?

They’ve changed as I’ve changed really. Gotten older, saw things differently and described it as honestly as I could.


You’ve made many records as frontman of the Scottish rock band Idlewild; do you prefer making music with those guys or doing your own solo?  

They’ve very different from each other and I like them both!


What’s the most memorable gig that you can remember playing?

Reading Festival 1998 with Idlewild. The whole place went crazy.


Because you’ve been making music for so many years now, is there something in particular that keeps you motivated and determined to carry on producing?

Yes, artistic expression.


You’ve played in a lot of venues but what’s one place that you’d love to play at that you haven’t already?

I would love to headline the Royal Albert hall. Or the Greek theatre in LA.


So, do you think the experience of releasing music gets more nerve-racking or easier the more you do it?

No, you learn to aim low. No one really buys albums anymore, but you always hope for the best. The important thing is that the work is good.


And finally, is there any advice that you could give for upcoming artists or bands in Leicester?

Play live as much as you can. To get good, to communicate with other humans, to get paid something! Also go the Highlands of Scotland. Breathe in deep, and write some good songs.