Here at Leicester Media Productions we are an offshoot of Leicester Media School (LMS). LMP is an organization with the aim to help build and create sustainable and beneficial work experience while students study at De Montfort University. We are a diverse and innovative University with student’s who excel the mediocre, we like to celebrate this here at LMP.

As I mentioned, our one simple aim is to create and build relationships with internal and external companies and create students valuable and paid employment, it being paid is very important to us. Sadly, as a student myself I know all too well how undergraduates can be taken advantage of easily, it is disheartening.

We already have 3 wonderfully successful projects running these include a project with the faculty of Business and Law and a partnership with successful and up and coming film company ‘Pinewood studios’ and I have just launched a great new logo competition in partnership with ‘HOUSE’ the Design society, BUT, fear not… if you want to get involved please don’t hesitate to email me (my details will be at the end of the article, so don’t close your browser down just yet).

We really want to help and benefit students and increase their employability skills with offering Professional paid work experience so you can EARNWHILEYOULEARN.

Can we help? Are you interested? My email and office door is always open.

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