My name is Alexandru Mitu and I would like to start this by saying many thanks to The Demon, who trusted me and offered me the opportunity to develop such a nice and unique project.

#Stylebyaxm” is about YOUR outfit and YOUR style! YOU are going to receive styling tips and advice throughout this exciting project.

You are probably wondering how I ended up doing this kind of projects. Well, after I got a diploma in Mathematics and Computer science in Romania, I enrolled myself in a course called “Artistic anatomy”. This course really gave me valuable insight about our body and the way we use clothing to cover ourselves. During this period, I got involved in several different projects such an internship at Fashion Premium Magazine – the first Romanian fashion magazine – where I interviewed famous fashion bloggers, like Janina Nectara, a GUCCI Ambassador, and where I analysed celebrities outfits through a marking system. It was awesome. Similar to this, I worked as a social media specialist for a fashion designer and I took another internship as a stylist for a fashion photography studio.

Just like I analysed celebrities’ outfits I also analysed DMU students’ outfits and, with their permission, decided to give them feedback.

Greta combined very well the biker leather jacket with that nice pair of trousers. They represent the focal point of this outfit. Vertical lines elongate the silhouette – this is a trick you can apply if you are quite short or petite. Of course, in our context, she doesn’t need to worry about this aspect. This is an example of a good outfit that you can wear when you go out for a shopping session or when you want to spend some time with your friends outside.

General Tips: Choose the vertical lines pattern if you are short and horizontal lines if you have a thinner structure. The reason is simple: as you probably know, the horizontal lines make you look not only wider but also shorter.

What can she improve? The only thing I would have added is a 90’s pair of sunglasses.


Robert has a safe and simple look. Do you know that straightforward guy who likes to chat with others and has a very relaxed attitude?! This is exactly what his outfit is telling me. And I love when an outfit is telling me something. This shows that you wear the clothes and not that clothes wear you. I like the smart burgundy trousers paired with that pale blue shirt. These two colours are well known for their “mutual relationship”.

General Tips: Sometimes, less is better! His outfit can be inspiring for you if you want to have a cool and fair appearance.

What can he improve?  In order to bring this outfit into a more stylish zone, I would suggest switching those trainers with a black pair of patent leather Chelsea boots!

Aiyaaz did an amazing job! His outfit is fresh, stylish and it suits him! I love how those black ripped jeans combine with the blue shirt. The cropped leather jacket matching the black shoes is balancing his silhouette, making him look taller and wider in the upper part of the body.

General Tips: If you think you can adopt this style go for it but remember that you need to carry the right attitude.

What can he improve? I would have just added some golden accessories like rings and a necklace.

Outfit on point! She chose to combine those white FILA trainers with a pair of culottes which flatter her silhouette as she is a medium size person. I like that yellow t-shirt as it looks cool and it gives the whole outfit a fresh aspect! I found the message “overdressed” funny in this context. She knows how to play with proportions. The black parka is a good choice in this equation, firstly because it is still in trend for the AW18-19 (if are a “true fashionista” you might consider this aspect) and secondly because of the way she wears it.

General Tips: By revealing more skin you can create the illusion that you look taller. But you have to pay attention not to overdo it as this could lead to an uncomfortable zone. She played very well with this aspect.

What can she improve? Well, as I already said, she has a good outfit. I would suggest she should buy a very small red bag to avoid those big bags and rucksacks.

If you want to take part in this project, post a picture of your best outfit on Instagram and tag @alexandrucostinmitu.

See you soon,