28 / 10 / 2018

The Bristol indie artist, Fenne Lily, brought the modest venue of The Cookie to life with her performance last Thursday. Fenne, who has been writing music since she was fifteen, released her debut album, ‘On Hold’, last April, and has since been on the rise touring the UK and plans to continue to the US next year.

Opening with some of her well-known songs, including ‘Top to Toe’, ‘Brother’ and ‘On Hold’, the singer quickly captivated the venue with her ambient vocals and atmospheric melodies. Between songs, the artist’s strikingly charismatic and down-to-earth personality charmed the audience, humouring them with her complaints that: ‘tonsillitis ruining (her) voice’, which was indisputably flawless.

The essence of her songs is to express intense emotional connections to both people and places, bringing the audience together with a sense of cathartic and emotive understanding. Relaxed and well-rounded vocals are coupled perfectly with soft acoustic and drumming, which immersed the audience into an impressive mood.

My personal favourite song of hers, ‘For a While’, portrays feeling in an expressive candour. The song encompasses emotional depth in its sincere vocals and tranquil acoustic guitar. The melody picks up pace intensity towards the bridge and chorus as the drum beats and ceremonial undertones.

The second half of Fenne’s performance consisted of her brand-new songs, some of which she admitted were not yet named nor entirely completed. Regardless, they were impressionable in their refreshing upbeat feel and brought an uplifting and memorable end to the night.

Fenne Lily is a truly avant-garde artist on the indie scene with her combination of experimental hums and distinctive harmonies to create a distinctively euphoric sound. Undoubtedly, she is now a go-to on my Spotify playlist, and a must-see live.