December is a few weeks away, meaning it’s the last month we have to fulfil all of our New Year’s resolutions. If you are like me one resolution is never enough, and some of them are quite unachievable. A lot of us wish for better skin, better grades and better weather. Even though the latter is uncontrollable, the first one can definitely be achieved these last few months of the year. I know I am not alone when I say that I really need to clean my makeup brushes but end up not doing it for quite a long time. In fact, foundation and concealer brushes should be cleaned once a week and eyeshadow brushes twice every month. This is something a lot of us tend to ignore, however, it is extremely bad for our skin. No matter how many masks, scrubs or moisturisers we use, if we don’t clean our brushes
they will attract bacteria which can lead to consistent acne breakouts and infections. So, this month, I set myself the goal of finally cleaning all my brushes, beauty blenders and make-up bag. Join me in this adventure and end your year with healthy skin and clean brushes.

If you feel prefer to spend money on professional brush cleaning products, you are more than welcome to, however, as a student, it can be tricky to do so. Revelist producer, Kala Riggins, has quite a few tricks and hacks you can use to keep them clean without going over budget.
The first method she uses is a bar of antibacterial soap. You might already have it in your house, or if you don’t, it is easy and cheap to purchase. Firstly, rinse it with water over a bowl or a sink. Proceed to dip the brush into the water and then massage it onto the bar of soap. Instantly, you will be able to see the build-up breaking down and your brush getting cleaner and cleaner. It is important to never submerge your brush in the water in order to maintain the hairs and its quality. The second method, which can be done daily, is rubbing alcohol. Just grab your brush and, over a bowl, drop a few squirts of rubbing alcohol on it. Then submerge the brush
in the remaining alcohol at the bottom of the bowl. Within a few strokes, it eliminates your daily build up. Alcohol is a great sanitiser, therefore it will get rid of the bacteria trapped in your brushes.

The last method you can try is olive oil and shampoo. The olive oil will serve as the conditioner and the shampoo as the cleanser. Pour equal parts of olive oil and shampoo in a clean bowl and mix it. Grab the brush and give it a stir in the mix. Use your fingers to remove all the build-up and then rinse it with water and dry it with kitchen roll. This is a great method for smaller brushes. With these hacks, you will be able to keep your face away from harming bacteria and still, save money for extra Christmas gifts this year.