It is really important to leave our comfort zone especially for people our age. I define the comfort zone as flinching from new opportunities and challenges while maintaining the current situation. If we want to be different from others, the first step is going out of it. I firmly think that getting outside the comfort zone is a sign of growth. In the past, it was my parents that pushed me to try new things. As I am growing up, I encourage myself to try them and actively get comfortable with the new environment. I cannot say that leaving my comfort zone changes my personality, but it indeed changes my way of doing things.

DMU is a totally fresh environment for me: unpredictable weather, new faces and a different lifestyle. But I do not want to just go to lectures regularly and make more Chinese friends. I try my best to change my habits as I am planning to join many societies and participated in most activity during Welcome Week. The result is that I met some kind foreign friends and know more about their cultures. I think it is really amazing and important for me to chat with them. It is an easy process to help me get comfortable at DMU.

In the future, I still plan to keep breaking out of my comfort zone because it is necessary for my daily life.