In the 21st century, social media has taken control over many people’s lives, especially those 13-years-old and above. It presents a chance for people to construct a persona that may or may not be a true representation of them in ‘real life.’ However, when asked if your online presence is similar to that of you offline it seems as though it shouldn’t be even matter. For most people an online blog or Instagram page is a place to put forward their ideal self, the version of them that they may subconsciously aspire to be. Some even end up taking this built up persona into their day-to-day life. It may be hard to detach that online persona from the ‘real-life’ person, as it is still a part of them, though it might not be a big part. Personally, my social media persona isn’t the same as the real me. However, it is a part of me that I highlight as I rarely present her in social situations due to an internal fear of how she may be viewed by others.