Written by John Perry

Welcome to my first news round up all about the gaming industry, the news, new releases & impressions!

Big Hitters Get Delayed

Today, I want to start off talking about the recent delays to a LOT of triple AAA games such as Cyberpunk 2077 & Dying Light. For those of us who may not know about Cyberpunk 2077 and let’s face it that can’t be many of us now, can it? It’s a game being developed by legendary consumer-friendly developers CD Projekt Red.

Cyberpunk 2077: Artwork

Cyberpunk 2077 is their latest IP that was due for release in April 2020 but due to circumstances beyond their control, they have delayed it till September 2020 to give it much needed optimisation for current gen consoles and polish.

CD is a great company and has earned the trust of gamers worldwide, so I don’t doubt they’ll release a brilliant product later this year.

Moving onto other delays I’ve mentioned from Dying light to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Watch Dogs: Legion and more…

The companies behind the development of these titles have released similar statements that they need more time to make the game perfect and ready for release. Or is it just biding time for next-gen, who knows?

I for one have no issues with the delays if they hold up to the critically high standards they are setting themselves, but users on Reddit have already mentioned that this is more than likely a small “cover-up” to delay for the next-gen of consoles coming this holiday season.

Next Generation

What are those consoles? Well, console fans can rejoice as the latest Sony & Microsoft products will be on sale within the year.

Sony has stuck with their PlayStation franchise going now 25+ years and it’s pedigree to give us fans the “PS5”. However, Microsoft continues to rebrand and somewhat confuse consumers with their next console simply known as the “Xbox X Series”. This follows on from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One / S / X…

January Releases

As for game releases, January is always a dry month with not many companies choosing that release window, bar a few worth a mention. Those games in question are Square Enix and the much anticipated ReMind DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 & Journey To The Savage Planet from Typhoon studios. Both are available on PS4 & Xbox One this week and next.

A New PS4 Accessory

Lastly, I want to give a mention to the new back button attachment that has arrived on to the PS4 and duel-shock 4 controllers this month. This is great for those who like remapping controls, people who struggle due to disabilities or RSI in general, is this the future for the next-gen PlayStation controllers?

We have yet to see what Sony’s next-gen console will look like, but I and many others are anticipating it heavily.