Colleen Hover has written a book that will leave you with a haunting feeling and unanswered questions.

“Verity” is a book that has taken the social media app TikTok by storm with viewers branding it as a must read and not for the faint hearted. It has become popular due to the cursed romance between the main characters and the psychological suffering readers have endured. 

“Verity” is written by Colleen Hover and is a mystery-thriller romance novel. The story focuses on aspiring author, Lowen. She has been offered an opportunity to complete a book series which had been started by a famous author named Verity Crawford. Verity had suffered through an accident which had led to her becoming brain dead. 

Whilst reading through Verity’s notes for the book series at the Crawford home, Lowen discovers Verity’s incomplete autobiography. She realises with every page she turns it contains spine-chilling secrets such as a confession about how the couple’s twin daughters had really died.

Lowen decides to keep this a secret from Verity’s devoted husband Jeremy not wanting to devastate him further. However, she begins to develop strong feelings for him and realises how the horrifying secrets in the autobiography would benefit her. After all, how could he love someone as twisted as Verity is.

Like Lowen, the reader is enthralled by the cryptic author and is compelled to keep reading until the next bone-chilling secret is revealed.

The plot of Verity is very unsettling but despite this it is near impossible to put down this book. The characters slowly start to become very untrustworthy as they all have ulterior interests. Hoover’s talent as a writer is shown through the way she keeps you guessing.

Is Lowen acting as a justified protagonist or is she acting in her own self-interest? Are Verity’s injuries as permanent as she is claiming? This thriller will have you questioning every character.

The ending of this book will be stuck in your mind and may leave you with plenty of questions. It is absolutely jaw-dropping. It is incredible how Hoover manages to make you believe that you know the truth but then will have you guessing yourself.

It is clear to see why this book has taken TikTok by storm. It’s brilliantly sinister and has an insane twist. There is no way this book can be put down without finishing it. The diary excerpts found in Verity’s autobiography are deeply disturbing but it’s hard to shut this book without finding out the truth.

Be prepared to have your heart racing and your mind to become overrun with multiple theories. This thriller will have you questioning your sanity and leave you with a haunting feeling.