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DMU students’ photo business success

Enterprising students have had success with pop up shops in Leicester city centre. DMU’s Graduate Champions Scheme is an organisation whose purpose it is to assist DMU graduates gain jobs and vital employability skills. Alongside this organisation, Spring to Action...

/ 24th February 2015

YourWord: Climbing Mount Snowden

Equipped with a desire for adventure and backpacks full of snacks, I and fourteen other DMU students began climbing Mount Snowdon as part of our fundraising task for a local charity. With our mountain climbing guide leading the way, we...

/ 15th February 2015

Standing up for female comedians

It appears as though the age-old debate of ‘Women aren’t funny’ is still ongoing. So where does this assumption derive from? Interestingly, an evolutionary psychology theory proposes the notion that humour is competitively produced by males to impress potential mates...

/ 30th January 2015